Koi Ponds


Koi bring serenity and peace to any space. Referred to, as Living Jewels the melodic glide of a koi fish is sure to bring tranquility to all who view their beauty.

Our design team will address the two most important elements of a Koi pond, its aesthetic design and the functional design. Koi ponds require proper planning and design of the hydraulic components to ensure a healthy environment for fish to flourish.

Hydraulic and filtration systems are essential to maintaining water quality and providing a balanced environment. We take a technical approach to all our koi pond construction methods to ensure that our ponds will withstand fluctuating environmental conditions and seasonal changes.
Allow our koi pond design team to help visualize your dreams, and create a tranquil retreat and an ideal aquatic habitat for your Japanese koi collection.
Our Tranquil Care professionals are seasoned in Koi husbandry and care to ensure that your koi are happy and healthy.